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Blond Hair Replacement System. Our blond products are originally developed, unique of a kind. The quality of the hair we use is essential. After washing, the product does not change its structure. We do not use treated blond hair. The product is based on a net that weighs only 5 grams. The scalp imitation makes this product look natural, which is very important for each client. The hairstyle is perfect after washing. The structure of the product makes it unique as the scalp breathes. It is very easy and comfortable to wear such products. The main task of the product is to let your hair rest and restore under the hair replacement system.
  •  the product weighs 320 grams
  •  the structure of the blond is soft wave
  • dyed tinted hair
  • 75 cm long
  • handmade within 390 hours.

Hair replacement system S000165


6 months warranty