SV Atelier brand and product FAQs

What is a hair replacement system?
Brand new products and opportunities that allow people to feel at ease, comfortable, and well appear in the modern world on a regular basis. SV Atelier is a few steps ahead of the beauty industry development with creating products that make the life easier for people striving to create new styles. The notions of 'system wig' and 'hair replacement system' originated in the beauty industry 10 years ago. A hair replacement system is a new ground-breaking product, with its base made of micro thin natural mesh and handmade serafil thread extensions being sewn to it by craftsmen. Serafil threads are essentially ultra thin natural material which contributes to the item being firm and reliable. In other words, the hair replacement system is a nylon base which has100% natural luxury quality hair sewn on top by hand. The final product comes out thin, light, and weights 5 grams. The rest is high–quality natural hair. A hair replacement system may be used from 1 week to 2 months without taking off. While wearing it a person is free to have an active lifestyle, play sports, swim in a pool or an ocean. Nota bene! If the client has no hair, the scalp kin is able to breathe while wearing a hair replacement system. SV Atelier products have been in high demand, due to their absolute safety, light weight, and durability. A hair replacement system does not lose its flexibility and look even after 4 months of using.
What is a system wig?
A system wig is a mesh based item that only weighs 13 grams. The product is upgraded as much as possible, as you can sleep with it, have an active lifestyle, do all kinds of sports, swim in a pool and the sea. Unlike a hair replacement system, a system wig does not need to be attached to the head. Since the item includes additional elastic bands securing it very well. When it comes to looks, a system wig is fuller than a hair replacement system.
How long does a hair replacement system or a system wig last when used daily?
The service life of any SV Atelier product depends on a person being near and careful with it while using. It would be appropriate to compare it to a brand new car you get from a dealership. Some owners drive their cars for 2to 3 years without a single scratch, while the others get in trouble taking the first turn. SV Atelier products are perfectly crafted, strong, and with high quality hair. However, in order to maintain a beautiful look, you should stick to some rules that will allow your product wear life last longer. SV Atelier brand guarantees the durability of its products, but, unfortunately, the brand cannot be held accountable for the customers' actions.
What is the right way to wash a hair replacement system or a system wig?
It is recommended to wash a hair replacement system, following these 4 basic rules:
  1. Hold the product on your hand;
  2. Carefully combed through the products from roots to the ends before washing;
  3. Apply hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, mask) to the ends gradually moving towards the roots;
  4. All products must air dry naturally without using a hair dryer. This specific rule will extend the life of the product by 50 to 60%.
Is the scalp cleaned thoroughly if a client wears a hair replacement system for 1 month without removing it?
The hair replacement system is designed in the way that water is able to reach the scalp. This product is safe for the scalp and your own hair. One of the system tasks by the SV Atelier brand is to restore and grow the client's hair, while giving their skin a break from combing and other mechanical actions. It is easy to clean the scalp thoroughly with proper washing through the mesh.
Are there any contraindications to using a hair replacement system?
The only reasons that can prevent a client from using a system are allergic reactions, seborrhea, and dandruff. Besides, clients who have recently undergone plastic surgeries, an smas lifting, a circular face lift or threads cannot use the hair replacement system for 2 to 3 months to keep their skin or stitches irritation free.
Is it OK to use a hair replacement system if a client is in the middle of chemotherapy, radiation or laser therapy?
A hair replacement system is perfect for this kind of clients and will not get in the way of their treatment. The item is light, weightless. It does not cause irritation. A client will be able to undergo treatment in more comfort, without being ashamed of their own appearance.
Is it possible to fasten a hair replacement system using wig glue?
SV Atelier does not recommend using additional products to secure the system. All products of the brand are handcrafted, with a detailed analysis of the client carried out in the making. Even the top quality glue may damage the mesh, the natural hair, which will eventually make the life of the hair replacement system shorter. We highly recommend using the original wood resin based tapes. This tape holds up well and is easy to remove if necessary.
Which product has a more natural look - a hair replacement system or a system wig?
The Slim hair replacement system has the most natural look. This kind of a system rises up from the scalp by 0.2 millimeters. At the same time, the connection of the product is very thin, yet strong. The Slim system copies the scalp, the hairs are styled without adding artificial volume.
How often a hair replacement system or a system wig needs to be washed?
The product is recommended to wash while wearing only once a week. Since a system or wig does not fit tight to the scalp, frequent washing is not required. These rules are applicable to 40 centimeter long systems. Longer products (from 60 to 90 cm) are recommended to wash once every two weeks. Hair replacement systems do not get dirty a lot, thus they do not require frequent washing. Dry shampoos might be used for better care.