What is important to know about replacement systems?


Hair Replacement System - 100% handmade and 100% natural hair

As hair is natural, it requires special care - it can't look after washing and can't go back to the previous form of styling by itself.

This work shows how the hair of natural structure looks after washing - shiny and with a light wave, which should ideally be styled (using special products for hair styling).

Each system, as well as your own hair, needs care - all natural hair products must be styled to make it look perfect.


What is a Hair Replacement System?

The hair replacement system is an overlay on part of the head or the whole head. Unique author's innovation by stylist Sergey Vorontsov.

1. the basis of the system can consist of: a) one layer – a thin hair net with hairs tied to it; b) or two layers – the hair net and silk fabric (imitation of the skin on the head);

2. There are different ways to attach the system to the head – it can be fixed with adhesive tapes or glue, or sewn on the braids.


System washing

Preparing for washing

Before washing the system, gently brush the hair using fluids and remove all nodules, as it is very difficult to do it after washing. When brushing, avoid contact with the base of the system.


Rinse the system with cold water, watering it from the roots to the hair tips.

Use a balm. To preserve the natural appearance of natural hair and make it silky, be sure to use high quality balms and moisturizing masks. BALM IS NOT APPLIED TO THE ROOTS (TOP) OF THE SYSTEM, ONLY RETREATING 10 CM!


Drying and hairstyling


Wrap the wet system in a dry towel and squeeze it gently. Dry on the towel at room temperature. Do not speed up the drying process by placing the product close to heat sources, as this may result in deformation of the system and hair loss.


Don’t brush wet hair. Shake and brush gently almost dry system using special fluids. Start from the hair tips and move gradually to the roots. Then place it on a special dummy head, and with a brush with wide teeth give the product the desired shape. You can also use all sorts of irons and curlers.

Perfectly beautiful hair from SV Atelier will give you a stunning look and hundreds of compliments from others.

Hair replacement system ‘Durable’

The Durable system is based on a naturally fine perforated mesh, which has no side effects of interaction with the scalp. The thinnest mesh lets in and out water and air, allowing the scalp to breathe. The construction itself looks very natural. Thanks to special materials that make the base of the system absolutely invisible, it looks like hair is growing out of the skin. Even the front line looks natural, making it possible to tie the ponytail, comb the hair on its side and back. The system is very firmly attached to the client’s head, which allows to have an active lifestyle: dance, swim in the pool, dive, go to the gym and sauna without fear that the hair will “fly off”.

This system is very durable, it is. easily worn and removed. It is suitable for clients:

  • without hair
  • with half-loss hair
  • with hair


The Durable system includes two layers: 100% perforated mesh, which is the basis of this product. This is followed by a micro thin line, on which the hair is manually filled according to the author’s method. The top of the system is 100% natural Japanese silk (imitation scalp), on which the hair is manually stuffed.

The Durable system is unique because:

  • It is created exclusively by hand according to individual measurements, which guarantees an ideal fit on the head of the client;
  • The system is made of only natural hair (flat or curly), which does not change its structure after washing. When a customer buys the system, he sees what it looks like;
  • This system weighs from 150 to 500 g, depending on length, thickness and color;
  • The degree of entanglement is 3%.


Hair loss in the Durable system averages 10% per year if the customer wears the system attire every day and 30-40% if the customer wears it without removing it.

Today there are 4 types of system installation:

  • Tape
  • Tape + Braids
  • Braids
  • Fixers


The Durable system can be worn for 1-2.5 months without removal, after which a correction is needed.

Full tambourine hair replacement system

The full tambourine hair replacement system is perfect for clients with temporary or total absence of hair. This system is ideally shaped like a head and is thinner and more fragile than the Durable system. This system is micro thin, lightweight and has almost no mounts, which is a huge plus. The downside is that the system is not exactly suitable for customers who have hair, as the system can get tangled. All SV Atelier Hair Replacement Systems are made exclusively by hand from natural hair and do not change their structure after washing.

The system is firmly glued to the client’s head (in very rare cases the system is sewn on), which allows you to have an active lifestyle: dance, swim, swim in the pool, dive, go to the gym and sauna without worrying about your hair.

The percentage of hair loss in the tambourine system is on average 20% per year if the client wears the system on and off every day and 40-50% if the client wears it without removing.

System wig

The system wig is a mix-technology that combines Durable and full tambourine systems. It is created individually and each zone is distributed in a completely different way, depending on the desired effect. It is also possible to have an active lifestyle in a system wig, but most of the time it goes on weights on the ears and locks-pins at the ends.

The degree of tangling is 1-2%, and the average hair loss is 5% per year, which makes it very strong, comfortable and durable.

But this system has its drawbacks: in a system wig you can’t collect hair in a ponytail, you can’t swim and it should be taken off at night.

Replacement system from SV Atelier, 2 line

This system is more budget-friendly, ideal for image change and suitable for clients with hair and those who do not have it. It combines full and partial tambourine replacement systems, which are created from treated hair.

Most often, 3-4 different hair structures are used, which look thinner, more synthetic and less shiny than those used in Durable and full tambourine systems. In this system, hair is treated with special products, so you can not swim and dive in this system.

After washing, hair can change its structure and should only be styled by SV Atelier.

“Slim” system

The Slim System combines the Durable System. The base of the system is 100% perforated mesh. The parietal part of the head is 100% natural Japanese silk (imitating the scalp). Then comes the weaving of hair in strands of 3-5 hairs. Due to the microtechnology, the peculiarity of the system is that the hair is very light and weightless. But its advantage is durability. The average rate of hair loss in the “Slim” system is 5% per year if the client put the system on and off every day and 20-30% if he wears it without taking it off. This method of manufacturing is suitable for clients who have no hair and clients with partial hair loss. The hair replacement system can be attached in different ways, which are chosen individually. It can be:

  • special clips;
  • special adhesives.

We use only the highest quality Slavic hair for our hair replacement systems. They are elastic, soft, and silky. The quality of the hair affects the longevity of the system.

How to attach the system?


Determine the area to which the system will be attached.

Degrease with alcohol this area and edges of the system mesh or its silicone edge. It is good to use a tread for oily scalp – it increases the lifetime of glue and adhesive strips. It also prevents softening of the glue by sweat and grease.


Try the system on the head and attach the top to a tape or glue as convenient so that it does not skew. The system’s hair should be in the tail and the edges of the hair should be clamped with pins or clips so that it does not get on the glue and under the system.


Next, apply glue to the scalp and wait 1.5 -2 minutes until it dries a little (it’s very important!). As long as it is liquid, it will not stick clearly and may leak through the net to the hair. Then, press it firmly against your head for 30 seconds and do nothing for 7-10 minutes – let the glue grip. The glue stretches, so you need to remove the brush or tube from the place of gluing in sharp movements to prevent its application to everything around.

Before washing the system should be turned inside out. Rirstly base should be washed, then turn out the system and put on the blank and only then wash outside.