Sergey Vorontsov Hair Replacement System Company

by Sergey Vorontsov

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What is the hair replacement system and what is the difference between a system and a wig??

Hair replacement system is an author’s technology by Sergey Vorontsov, which has no analogues on the market. We are not afraid to say that this is a real breakthrough in the industry. Why? The thinnest mesh, on which the natural hair is fixed, lets water and air in and out. Moreover, it allows the scalp to breathe. Even the best quality wig will not be as comfortable to wear as the system.

All products are created individually. Suitable color, structure, size, length of hair – during the consultation we take into account absolutely every request of the client.

The system is firmly fixed to the surface of the scalp with special fixation elements, but it remains completely invisible to others.

Exclusively natural premium quality hair

Sergey Vorontsov

the founder of SV Atelier

The philosophy of our company is that every woman can feel feminine, harmonious, sexy being still herself.

SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Natural Wig, Miami, USA

Correction of system includes:

  • System removal
  • Complete removal of tape and glue.
  • Shaving of the head
  • Complete disinfection (head cleaning)
  • Scalp preparation (coffee peeling, steam moisturizing)
  • System fitting

System correction

The cost of repair may be up to 60% or more of the original system cost.

What is important to know?

When you hand over your system for repair or correction, the first thing that technologists do is washing the system, because before disassembling, it is necessary to remove lacquer remains and other impurities. Our service center weighs the replacement system when it is accepted and after repair. The repair process is accompanied by a photo report so that the customer can see all the manipulations and work that is done with the system.

All prices for repairs, restorations, corrections and other system changes can be found on the page PRICE.