Premium service program

This service includes the manufacture and installation of a Premium Class Hair Replacement System (any hair length and structure).

The system is manufactured in the shortest possible time, and the customer receives a premium service program, which includes concierge service:

  • Departure of the master to you, anywhere in the world, within 24 hours;
  • Trying hair replacement systems in any convenient location (before you order the System, the master does the fitting of five different Systems, discussing with you all the wishes and trends of the year);
  • 24-hour online customer support – full consultation on all issues of hair replacement systems, their installation, correction, care;
  • Guarantee maintenance of your hair replacement system for 2 years (correction, toning, repair, painting, washing, spa – care);
  • The Total look service is the departure of the team of a professional stylist, make-up artist and master to you, for the full preparation for the social event, the ceremony (make-up, laying of the System, selection of clothes).
SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Natural Wig, Miami, USA