Stories of SV Atelier customers

Irina, 58 y.o.

Problem:Upper crown zone alopecia.

Solution: SV Atelier Durable micro thin extension system with glass-like natural undyed hair.

Sergey Vorontsov, Hair Replacement System, Natural Wigs Miami USA, SV Atelier

Irina’s story:

The client turned to the SV Atelier specialists upon the advice of her daughter. A light hair replacement system was chosen for concealing and aesthetic reasons. Upon Irina’s request, the masters did a short haircut, since the client was a Miami local and wanted her hairstyle to be hot climate friendly. Irina has been wearing the system for more than 2 years now. She points out that during this time she got used to the product, has become confident about her appearance, and feels at ease, as long as the hair replacement system does not get in the way of her active lifestyle. Irina went with a convenient way of using the system- she wears it during the day, and takes it off at night. This spares styling time. The haircut keeps its fullness and lovely shape.  

Elena, 60 y.o.

Problem: Upper mid scalp alopecia.

Solution: Stationary hair replacement system, 60 centimeters long featuring curly hair.

Sergey Vorontsov, Hair Replacement System, Natural Wigs Miami USA, SV Atelier

Elena’s story:

Elena found out about SV Atelier products online after coming across an article about the brand and possible solutions for people suffering from alopecia. After consulting the company masters, Elena opted for a hair replacement system permanently fixed on braided hair. The client wears the system all the time, taking it off once a month for adjusting at the salon. 

Elena points out that she has been using the SV Atelier product for about 1 year now, and so far her life has drastically changed! She one was forced to use a sauna effect wig or come up with a complex hairstyle to conceal the bald areas. Nowadays her hair problems are long gone thanks to the hair replacement system. She has an active lifestyle, does sports, goes to the pool and sauna without having to worry that her wig can suddenly fly off or her hairstyle can fall apart. The client highlighted that the weightless item does not make a greenhouse effect, so she feels comfortable even when the air temperature in Miami reaches 90 degrees F! Elena wished for an item with a curly structure, which allowed her to reduce daily care and styling time.

Victoria, 45 years old.

Problem: Fine hair of medium length.

Solution: SV Atelier 60 cm system.

History of Victoria:

Dreams should come true! So Victoria decided and turned to the SV Atelier studio in order to get advice from a stylist. By nature, Victoria has thin, sparse hair that cannot be grown back. Masters of SV Atelier learned about a woman’s dream to have luxurious thick long curls. By individual order, a hair replacement system was created for the natural color of the client. Product length 60 centimeters, weight 300 grams. Victoria chose for herself a removable version of the hair replacement system, in which the product is removed at night.This greatly facilitates hair care, and the curls look well-groomed and neat without additional manipulations.
Victoria has been using the SV Atelier hair replacement system for 2 months now and admitted to us that she has never felt so attractive and happy before!