Alopecia, or focal baldness, occurs in children most often at the age of 5-15 years. If it is possible to hide alopecia in preschool-age boys by shaving their heads, then teenagers (especially girls) perceive the loss of one of the main natural ornaments very painfully.

Causes of alopecia

The reasons for the loss of hair on the head can be very different:

  • genetic predisposition to hair loss;
  • disorders of the immune system;
  • trichological diseases of the family type (among relatives);
  • high fever during viral diseases;
  • fungal infections, skin diseases, etc.
Natural Wig, Miami, USA, SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Hair Replacement System
SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Natural Wig, Miami, USA

The trigger mechanism for starting alopecia in children is an unfavorable psychological situation, frequent stress, malnutrition and lack of sleep.

Consequences of alopecia

The consequences depend on the type of pathology:


Total baldness of the head in focal alopecia


lesion of hair follicles in atrophied form


weakening of hair follicles with the appearance of wounds and inflammation of the scalp in seborrheic form

Hair in children and adolescents can grow independently within a year, but sometimes recovery does not occur for various reasons. In such cases, wigs and SV Atelier hair replacement systems will provide effective assistance to children and adolescents.

SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Natural Wig, Miami, USA
SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Natural Wig, Miami, USA

Children’s systems from sv atelier

Our brand provides services for the manufacture and maintenance of hair replacement systems. The unique, unparalleled technology of replication was developed by the founder of the company – Sergey Vorontsov.

The originality of the development and the quality of the manufactured products are confirmed by the prestigious award from the London Expert Hair System, numerous thanks from famous actors and media personalities.

The hair replacement system is a thinnest mesh overlay with natural hair attached to it. Each pad is made individually, taking into account the wishes of the customer. The high comfort of the products is explained by the ability of the systems to pass air and water, which ensures:

  • free breathing of the scalp;
  • normal blood circulation in the skin tissues;
  • full nutrition of hair follicles.

Special clamps firmly hold the pad, excluding sliding during active movements, bathing, sports.

In the SV Atelier studio, you can also order wigs made of natural hair. For teenagers who have lost their hair partially or completely, SV Atelier designs are the best option that allows you to maintain self–confidence and psychological comfort. The high quality of the materials used makes the systems safe for children of any age.

SV Atelier, Sergey Vorontsov, Natural Wig, Miami, USA
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