Hair Replacement System Training with Sergey Vorontsov

individual and group sessions with Sergey Vorontsov and the leading technologist

Training with technologist Sergey Vorontsov

Sergey Vorontsov Hair Replacement System Company ✔ SV Atelier 

Individual training on SV Atelier system production — 1900$

Individual training on SV Atelier system installation and system types — 1500$

Training in the group of five people (2 days) — 900$

Individual training in tress extension (3 days) – 1500$

Group (5-8 people) training in tress extension (3 days) — 600$

Training with the master of the highest category

Training on system installation (with our technologist) — 500$

Individual training on complex dyeing techniques — 380$

Goods for manufacturers

SV Atelier Alcohol

Removes tape, glue, all dirt on the system

Volume – 125 ml

Cost – 8$

SV Atelier Shampoo

Removes tape, glue and dirt from the system

Developed by SV Atelier

Volume – 250ml

Cost – 45$

SV Atelier headband

Elastic headband, 100% natural silk

Designed by SV Atelier, the product is patented

5 cm — 50$


American tape for system attachment

Hypohalogenated, certified

Cost of 1 package — 55$

Imitation of head skin

The product we sell is based on two layers of silk, between which there is a fliselin glue.

After the fliselin glue a mesh is installed (so-called imitation skin), which has the size 16 by 16. The craftsman can trim it.

Cost — 60$

Caps by SV Atelier

Our caps come from an exclusive pattern that SV Atelier has developed relying on its experience.

We have also made a soft, comfortable fit so that the systems stay tight and do not shrink while wearing.

Cost — 100$